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I have been asked several times if I do printing of some of my work and I keep saying “yes“, but as soon as the customer reads the prices they say “thanks but I have to refrain“, yet none of them understands why I have these prices.

This is what you pay for:

Above you can see 7 layers in different colors. At the bottom you have purple, blue, light blue, green, lime green, orange and on top you find blood orange.
Let’s start from the bottom layer first.

  1. Purple = Camera gear. What you don’t know is that we photographers love to photograph what ever our eyes catches, and we need good gear for that so we can please you with the pictures.
    They don’t come cheap. A camera body can be worth a whole monthly income for some, same goes with lenses. Don’t forget if we use any accessories such as filters or, as in my case, do astrophotography by using a telescope and a star tracker.
    We need a compensation for the loss on these products, it’s mandatory.
  2. Blue = Travel. Some pictures require travel, others can be right around the corner, but for most cases you find a picture taken elsewhere than where we usually live. It is appreciated that you, the customer, care about the financial loss we’ve done to take a picture that you like no matter where on the world we’ve been to.
  3. Light blue = Post-processing. We can put hours on editing the images to be as fabulous and unique as possible. This is hard time consuming work we put on each of our work so you would have something to talk about when it hangs on your wall.
  4. Green = Printing. It’s not cheap to print on different materials, nor is it cheap to print at all. Not only does the surface cost money, even the cartridges do, machines that print these artworks and all the accessories as well.
  5. Lime green = Administration. This is both the artist as well as the print shop who does this work. Artists share their part by communicating with you, the customer, while the print shops communicate between the artists and you.
    They need their share of income as well, not only the artist itself.
  6. Orange = Shipping. This varies depending on the size and material the print shops have to choose among to be able to ship the product(s) to you.
    In my case I have a lot of a “flat rate” in all the materials and sizes.
  7. Blood orange = Taxes. Can’t avoid them, need to be paid!

I hope you understand why we put these rates on our work and I also wish you could respect this since there’s no fun doing this for free. Even I need some kind of an income, from somewhere. Don’t you agree?

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